Monira Philipp LMSW

 Adolescent, Adult, and Family Therapist

Ann Arbor Area Community Therapeutic and Psychological Resources

Here is a list of community resources I have collected throughout my career to share with clients.  This list addresses many different areas of struggle.  If there is an area of treatment that you are looking for community supports in, please contact me and I can help to research that area.

Adult and Adolescent Ann Arbor Mental Health Support Services

Safe House- A resource center for individuals and families that offers many services and supports for those currently or historically struggling with domestic violence.

Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living-Services for adolescents and adults to support increased success in activities of daily living and ability to live independently.

 The Ann Arbor Academy-4-12 grade, small school setting.  Highly individualized and multisensory programming.  They also provide transitional programming for post graduates. 

Ozone House-Temporary housing for struggling teens and supports for teens and families.

Neutral Zone-Community center for teens that promotes healthy growth through expression, art, music, and more. Great positive peer culture with tons of programs!

Overeaters Anonymous-Anonymous support group for those struggling with over eating.

Codependent Anonymous Meetings-Anonymous meetings for those struggling with codependency issues.

Free Depression and Bipolar Groups at The University  of Michigan-separate meetings and workshops for adults, teen, and family members.

Julie's List-Huge list of free or low cost community supports for so many areas of struggles from free dental, to financial support, to traveling discounts.

CSTS-Community supports and treatment services for social welfare in Washtenaw County.

Washtenaw County Health Plan-Health care for the low income uninsured in Washtenaw County.

Clonlara School-A private, non profit school setting very individualized to each student's needs and utilizes many forms of programming including in school, home school, and blended programs.

Substance Abuse and Co-Occuring Mental Health Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous-Anonymous support groups for recovering alcoholics

Narcotics Anonymous-Anonymous support groups for recovering narcotic users.

ALANON and AlATEEN - Friends and family members of those struggling with substance abuse issues. There are adult meetings, teen meetings, or family meetings.

Dawn Farms - Community program for detox, inpatient, transitional living, and many other substance abuse supports.

Mental Health Internet Resources

NAMI-National Alliance On Mental Health- The nation's largest mental health educational resource.

CHADD-Children and adults with Attention Deficit struggles.  A huge educational and supportive online resource in this area. Online nutritional guidelines and support.

National Institute on Mental Health-Online information resource on mental health topics.

Other Community Resources

Coval Fitness and Sports Performance,  "We take our clients' goals and needs very seriously.  Therefore we carefully assess and monitor all of the variables that go into being accountable for your success.  We do this through individualized assessment, program design, and effective coaching methods to ensure that you reach your goals." 


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